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Bill Sutton | Geri Yantis

“A house is where you live, but a home is where you love,” says Bill Sutton of the philosophy that guides him and co-principal Geri Yantis. “Every one of our clients comes to us with a vision of the home they want. A large part of our job is to engage them in our design process so that we can understand that vision and turn it into the reality of a home that is a unique place for their family.”

Sutton and Yantis both begin their design process with hand-drawn sketches while they are meeting with their clients, instantly turning ideas into drawings on paper for everyone to see. As the design develops, the architects refine the drawings and use 3D computer models for enhanced visualization.

“Our design approach is to develop the interior and exterior architecture so that they complement each other,” explains Geri Yantis. “There is enormous satisfaction in helping create the environment our clients live in.”

Sutton Yantis Associates Architects has won numerous awards for its custom architecture over the past 35 years. The firm recently received the 2015 GALA award for Custom Home of the Year for the Potomac home pictured on the right.


Sutton Yantis Associates Architects



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